Software Developer & Interaction Designer

I’ve been working as a programmer / software developer / software engineer. Usually this has meant designing and implementing software, from back end to front (and mainly in Java). I like to work in an agile way and Scrum is the most familiar framework. 

I have experience in designing and implementing real time distributed Java applications. I’m familiar with Spring, OSGi, Swing, and have some experience with JVM performance. I’ve also done some smaller web projects – mainly pure JavaScript, HTML & CSS in addition to some WordPress sites.

Front end has been my main interest so I’ve also been designing and implementing user interfaces a lot. This means close collaboration with customers and end users, ideation, prototype building and validation. My focus has also been in establishing usability feedback loop and usability testing to the project I’m working with, including usability observations in military exercises.

I have also been participating in software bidding (workload estimations, feature design, etc.) and have some experience on writing research funding applications and research permit applications.

Latest addition to my responsibilities is team leading in the form of being a scrum master.

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Skills Overview

Software Development
Interaction Design
UX Research
Team Leading





Swing, JavaFX

JavaScript, Python






I have 10 years of Java development experience and for the last five years I’ve been working mainly with Java (Spring, OSGi, Swing, JavaFX, ActiveMQ, OpensSplice DDS, SQL).

I also developed an Delphi application for 1.5 years and have been doing some web development every now and then.




Adobe XD


Visual Studio Code

Intellij IDEA



At work I’ve been using Eclipse and Netbeans for development alongside with Visual Studio Code. For personal projects I tend to use IntelliJ IDEA.

For UI design and mock ups I use Balsamiq (supports offline use). Figma and Adobe XD are tools of choice whenever possible.



Reaktor Innovations Oy 2019 - Now

Software Developer 11/2019 – Now


Insta DefSec Oy 2014 - 2019

Senior Software Engineer & Usability Specialist 2019 – 11/2019

Designing and implementing, as well as acting as a scrum master for a simulator training system. Responsible for the usability of the system.

Software Engineer & Usability Specialist 2017 – 2019

Designing and implementing simulator training system. Also responsible for the usability of the system. 

Software Engineer 2014 – 2017

Working as a software engineer creating mission-critical command and control systems. It was rewarding to design and implement tools for highly motivated and trained end users, who know what they want.

Suonentieto Oy 2013 - 2014

Sofware Developer

I worked with a desktop accounting software built with Delphi XE5 and Firebird database. In addition to Delphi I also needed SQL and user interface design skills to succeed in the work. The hardest part was fixing problems caused by a very old codebase. The best part of the work was close collaboration with the application testers – and the most rewarding was fixing usability problems. I learned that it’s not easy to change the user interface when there are thousands of existing users accustomed to the old one.

CGI Suomi Oy (and Logica) 2010 - 2013


I worked in a rather large SAP integration project doing specifications, implementation, and testing. I also had to fix bugs and make sure that the system was functional during the working hours. In addition to this, I worked a documentation project in which we had to document an old undocumented C application.

The most interesting part of the work was doing data conversion scripts (Java, XSLT). It was also interesting to see what the update process a large scale application can be. Communication in a large project with multiple stakeholders is crucial.

European Forest Institute 2009 - 2009

Trainee (Java-programming)

I worked at the European Forest Institute with the ToSIA project doing programming and unit testing with Java. My main tasks were to fix bugs and design proper error messages to display to the users when there were problems with the input data. I liked working with the users of the application to figure out the old error messages and finding a way the application could advice the user to overcome any issues they faced when using the application.


PhD Researcher 2018 - Now

Tampere University | Interactive Technology

I’m studying the effects of automation on human operators. My research questions are, how to design automation to increase performance and safety without causing out-of-the-loop- and other kinds of problems like adverse skill degradation.

Master of Science 2009 - 2012

Major computer science,  minor cognitive science

I specialized to software engineering in CS. Cognitive science gave tools for UX research.

Bacherlor of Science 2006 - 2009

Major computer science, minors business economics and psychology

I want to understand the totality of software development, so I studied the computer science, business and people.

Other Courses


Fraktio: Finland’s most intensive UI/UX course

This was a really nice 2-days course covering the whole path from a problem to a validated, user tested functional prototype. Topics covered:

General design principles, Google Ventures’ Design Sprint, Wireframing, User personas, empathy maps, User flow mapping, Storyboarding, Prototyping, Good usability, Using Figma, User testing.


Ideo: Design Kit: The course for human-centered design

7-week online course providing introduction to the methods and tools of Human-Centered Design


Lemanse: Customized React / Node course

Hands-on React + Node course.

Fast Development Company: Intro to Node.js

Free one day hands-on intro to node.js.