I’m a PhD researcher at the Tampere University. My field is Interactive Technology, and I’m researching how to design automation to complex applications. How to maximize system performance by teaming humans and automation while keeping humans in charge and in the loop is interesting. I’m also interested in designing automation in a way that keep human operators engaged – this also means that humans should have something worthwhile to do. As Endsley has concluded, the work of operators should not be a random collection of unrelated tasks that we just can’t automate easily.

Situation Awareness

Situation awareness is one of the concepts that interests me. It seems to be a phenomenon in the center of designing “serious” or mission critical applications. 

Below are posts that I’ve written about SA:

Situation Awareness

Endsley’s three level individual level SA model

Distributed Situation Awareness

Stanton et al. system level DSA model

Designing to support SA / DSA

Overview of design methods to support SA and DSA


Designing automation to complex systems is one of the reasons I’m interested in SA. Automation seems to cause out-of-the-loop -and other kinds of problems.

Automation and the role of human operators

A short overview of the problems that automation causes to operators.